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Last updated: 01/Jun/2018

Dear Valued Customer:

01. All the photos with watermark in our shop is almost the same with real product, good in quality, customers may enjoy shopping with us.

02. In order to make sure the quality of our product, every product will opened before post out. If you found the product is being opened, this is a because of our responsibility to customer.

03. Due to different in perception, type of monitor or browser, minor difference in colour might occur. (Example: Colour of product in photo might brighter than real product) Customer may consider before purchase.

04. Every product are measure by hand, minor difference in size might occur.

05. If you need another courier services please specify your request. Product will post out within 48 hours upon received payment. If special case occur, we will contact you and let you know earlier. The 'Delivery' remark on Product Detail apply to Malaysia and Singapore, For other countries, usually received between 2 to 4 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

06. Normally the carriage company we appointed will deliver the product within normal working hour unless public holiday or bad whether. Due to difference of working hour for courier services in each state, diference in timing of delivery will occur. Apart from this, due to difference in behaviour of courier services, if you experiance any unsatisfy , kindly contact us, we will find out the best solution and feedback to our courier services.

07a) Make sure the condition of product before you sign the delivery order or refuse to sign.
07b) If product is sign by third party, kindly advice third party to make sure the condition product before sign the delivery order or refuse to sign.

08. We will sitll post out the product during offline. Hence out of stock may occur. However, we will contact customer immediately when the product is out of stock.

09. Since we are small business, basically payment is not refundable. If there is quality problem in our product, kindly contact us within 3 days after received, we will take responsibility on it.

10. Your experiance is important for us, if you feel any unsatisfied, contact us before you give any comment, we are glad to find out the best solution for you.

Other services:
If you are interesting with other product which can't found in our shop, you may provide us the link of product or photo, we are glad to search for you and provide you a reasonable price.

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① 本店所展示的宝贝图片里有水印的均实物拍摄,实物与图片基本一样,质量保证,请各位顾客放心购买。

② 有些宝贝在寄出去前,我们会先开封进行检查以确保宝贝处于良好状态,所以您会发现盒子或包装有被打开过的痕迹,这是为了对每一位顾客的负责。

③ 因每个人的眼光、电脑或手机荧幕显示器问题,实物与图片会有些色差,就像平时照相,会出现图片颜色比较光鲜,而实物颜色比较暗淡,这情况实属正常现象。所以请顾客拍下宝贝前慎重考虑这方面的因素。

④ 每件宝贝都由人工手测量尺寸,尺寸误差乃属正常。

⑤ 如果想选择其它快递请与我们联系。完成付款后我们会在48小时之内发货,若有特殊情况我们会提前与您联系。产品详情里注明的“通常在2至14个工作日内发货”只限于马来西亚及新加坡地区,其它国家“通常在2至4个星期内收到”。任何不便之处敬请见谅。

⑥ 本店合作的快递公司,一般按正常时间到达,特殊情况如遇到恶劣天气或公共假日也许会造成快递延误。因各地快递派送时间不同,会出现周末不派送情况,另外每个快递公司分行的工作人员素质也不一样,中间可能出现某分行工作人员态度不佳问题等,一些无法预知的意外因素。若有造成任何不愉快请联系我们,我们会积极跟快递公司详谈解决。

⑦a 收货时请由您本人签收,并在送货人员面前检查包裹无损坏的情况下签收。否则请拒收。
⑦b 如由他人代为签收,请务必交代签收者在送货人员面前检查包裹无损坏的情况下签收。否则请拒收。

⑧ 本店因线上线下同时发货,可能会出现部分宝贝缺货情况。如有缺货,本店将第一时间联系顾客。

⑨ 本店经营小本生意,原则上不接受退款,宝贝因质量问题的可协商换货,但所产生运输费用需由买家负责,自签收起三天内则由卖家负责。收到退回的宝贝后本店将更换新的再寄出。

⑩ 我们重视顾客的评价,如果您收到宝贝后有任何不满意的地方,请先不要急于评价,联系店主,店主会给您一个妥善的解决方案,绝不逃避任何责任,也请在为您解决问题后给出真诚的评价。